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Shelley Zuckerman – B.S./C.P.T.

Shelley Zuckerman holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State University. She is a Nationally Certified, versatile, experienced Professional Exercise Specialist with NSCA and ACE. She has been a Fitness and Exercise Coach for 15 years and is a 30-year competitive racquetball veteran.

A Pennsylvania native, Shelley was an avid tennis player as a teenager, then incorporated racquetball and weight training into her regimen during college. She continued her active lifestyle into adulthood, even throughout three pregnancies, because she realizes and believes in the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, with no excuses.

After meeting John Boos in 1999, who helped her achieve the best shape of her life into her 40s and 50s and can still do 20+ pull-ups as one of her special physical accomplishments, she became a Certified Therapeutic Exercise Specialist. Following her passion and wanting to share it with others, Shelley joined John’s team in 2000. She loves training people of all ages and educating them about more effective ways to weight train and about proper nutrition. She emphasizes the importance of how their special fitness program integrates into one’s entire being, by not only keeping one fit and healthy, but by bestowing self-confidence and independence.

John Boos

EMPOWER YOURSELF. LIVE STRONG AND PROSPER BECAUSE LIFE IS A SPORT – TRAIN FOR IT!!! John Boos is two-time Mr. World/Mr. New York State who specializes In one-on-one strength training geared to women, post rehabilitation Exercise, body composition analysis, is a NYS licensed massage Therapist and is certified in medical exercise for: diabetes, Osteoporosis, menopause, high blood pressure/cholesterol And arthritis. For more info, contact: (631) 587-4786

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