lose weight through proper weight management at Boos World

Do you want to…

  • Lose weight?
  • Lose fat?
  • Get toned?
  • Look better than ever before?
  • Feel better overall?
  • Or manage an existing weight loss?

Are you willing to commit to workouts one to two times per week with licensed certified strength trainers?

If you joined a gym to lose weight in the past, only to give up after a few weeks, never seeing the results you wanted, you are not alone.

Every year millions of people join gyms with high hopes of losing weight and toning up, but find they are uncomfortable – with the trainers, with the atmosphere, and with the overall results.

You can change that by working out at the private BOOS WORLD studio.

At BOOS WORLD we work with you to create a custom-designed weight training plan that helps you burn fat. Our licensed certified trainers know what it takes for you to lose weight. Our private gym is a place that welcomes people of all skill and experience levels, whether you have just begun your weight loss journey or you are trying to shed those last few pesky pounds.


We understand that maintaining a healthy weight is not easy. We also know how tough it can be to manage weight loss and keep the pounds off once they are gone.

In our studio you will be taught the necessary steps towards healthy living, which includes strength training and practical eating. Having a set workout schedule and nutritional guidance is key to your success. Weight management is a challenge, but it’s not impossible. The Boos World staff is a family, so you will never feel alone in your quest for a better you!

We offer a “non-gym” private, personalized atmosphere that helps you feel comfortable. Going to a gym isn’t always the easiest thing for some people and if they feel awkward or uncomfortable, it distracts from their main focus: exercising their bodies.

Our unique facility offers an atmosphere where everyone is focused on their individual goals and committed to their own personal programs. You never need to worry about feeling out of place when you come to BOOS WORLD.


Sometimes figuring out what to do is the toughest part of weight loss. Our licensed certified trainers have 50 years of living proof and time tested knowledge they can use to help you reach your goals. We will work one-on-one with you so that you will:

  • Lose weight
  • Lose fat
  • Get toned
  • Look better than ever before
  • Feel better overall
  • Manage your existing weight loss

When you commit to workouts one to two times per week with our licensed certified trainers you will see results, accomplish your goals!

We can help you achieve your goals with our exclusive creative and innovate one-on-one training sessions with medical exercise specialists. We give you a comprehensive health development plan, including food plan, so you will be on the right track right from the start.

To learn more about the weight management plans at BOOS WORLD,

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