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John Boos – L.M.T. / C.P.T. & Shelley Zuckerman – B.S. / C.P.T. are two time nationally accredited, certified and experienced exercise specialists waiting to work with you.

“Each client is provided private coaching and guidance, body-fat analysis and a unique method of maximum strength analysis” 

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Whether you are looking for your first trainer, or you are more of an accomplished athlete trying to help bring your team to its next victory – we will customize a program to make sure you reach your goals.

John Boos is a two-time “Mr. World”, “Mr. Eastern America” and “Mr. New York State” and is a Certified Professional Medical Exercise Specialist with more than 50 years experience in the health and fitness field. He is considered one of the nation’s most highly respected experts in exercise and strength training.

He is a NYS Licensed Sports and Medical Massage Therapist and Certified Medical Exercise Specialist, and is a former member of the Suffolk County Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. John is also certified with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), and the American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.)

John Boos has earned titles of:

  • Mr. World (two times)

  • Mr. New York State

  • Mr. East Coast

  • Mr. Eastern America

  • Mr. Eastern USA

  • Mr. Apollo

  • Mr. Hercules

  • Metropolitan Most Outstanding Physique of the Year

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Reputation is everything, check out what our clients have to say!
I am a 55-year old woman in the jaws of menopause. I have been working out with Shelley and John since June 2013. Not only has this improved my body but also my confidence!
Evelyn Witherspoon, District Sales Manager – Coca-Cola
Six years ago I purchased a life insurance policy but the cost was high. When I found out I needed to lose 18 pound in order to save on the premium, my financial advisor recommend I call John Boos for a free health and wellness consultation. Six years later, 33 pounds lighter, 12 percent body fat, I went from a 38 waist to a 34. In that time John rehabbed me through a severe bicep tendon tear, hernia surgery and two knee surgeries. Aside from all of that, his caring, nurturing approach to one's fitness is second to none. Believe me when I tell you, every piece of equipment in John's gym will fit you like a glove. You'll feel like the fitness equipment was made for you.
George Rini
Through regular training at Boosworld, I became the athlete I had always hoped to be. I could run longer and faster and shoot harder than ever before. As I became stronger, I developed self-confidence. I received a number of athletic awards and was recruited by every Division 1 program in the country, and I accepted an athletic scholarship to Duke University. It was all because of John and how he changed my life. How can I ever forget his analogies and him saying, "Do you want to be a Chevy or a Porsche?
Corinne Broesler, St. Anthony’s Girls Lacrosse Coach
I am a St. Anthony's High School student athlete and have been selected to play Division 1 lacrosse for Duke University. I have been working with John and Shelley for over a year. In that time, I have gotten quicker, stronger and faster. All aspects of my game have improved. The training is tailored to me individually and they put a lot of emphasis on injury prevention. I wouldn't train anywhere else!
Ella Bonafede
John has been a major part of Chris’ development since he first went to him as a freshman in high school. John was instrumental in making Chris into a stronger and more flexible athlete, as well as teaching Chris how to take care of his body to prevent nagging injuries that would slow his development. John also gave Chris an in depth and sophisticated understanding of the importance of proper nutrition. Without John Boos, it is hard to believe Chris would have been as successful as he has been at this point in his soccer career.
Noreen Wingert
10 years ago at the age of 63, Kovalsky, discovered she had very low bone density results that placed her in the osteoporosis range. Doctors wanted to give her hormone replacement pills, but she did not feel comfortable with that and asked if she could try exercise, specifically weight training, as an alternative. “I had never worked out before and knew that if I was going to lift weights, I would have to do it the right way, or I could hurt myself,” tells Kovalsky. Kovalsky has been working with Boos and his staff twice a week for several years now. She has become stronger and is happier. It took some time, but Kovalsky’s bone density has returned to its normal range. Boos explains, “Resistance training exercises combined with proper nutrition can be extremely beneficial in combating the effects of osteoporosis.” Weight training can combat many other health problems as well. Reduced blood pressure, body fat and relief of back and arthritic pain can all be achieved by proper strength training. “I’m working full time and lifting weights gives me a lot of energy and improves other things as I’m getting older, such as balance,” tells Kovalsky. Weight training is not strictly limited to fixing health problems but also plays a role in preventing them. “I believe we should be able to fix ourselves,” Kovalsky explains. “I think it’s within our power to take control of our lives and do things that help us to be better.
Helen Kovalsky


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